My writing experience extends back to when I wrote creative stories and comics as a kid, but it has evolved into being a reporter and graphic artist for my high school and gaining a lot of experience during my college education. These projects show snapchats of my progression.

Scientific Research Paper: In my Scientific Writing course, I was assigned to research a topic of my own choosing and write an IMRAD-format paper on it. I had no previous knowledge or awareness of how to create, style, or present traditional scientific writing, but learned to adapt to the standards of a completely different format.

Internet Research: For one of my independent study courses, I researched topics related to the credibility of information on the internet and the effect it has on the user. These topics include medical, literacy, historical, scientific, legal, and political, and how the internet plays a role in each subject.

Image Credit: Scholastic Journalism.

High School Newspaper: Some of my earliest writing experiences include reporting for the Hilite paper, including an article on vaccinations (which was featured in Scholastic Journalism) and weekly reports for the school’s Charisma Dance Team.